The crème brûlée was PERFECT

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We got a Grab One voucher for a three course meal for two and decided to try Touquet on a quiet weekday. Really liked the clean and casual decor. There was only one other party there and we got some little quinoa salad appetizers care of the chef which were fresh and light.

The pulled oxtail was big and impressive for a starter, and quite tender and juicy. The ricotta and spinach ravioli was much smaller and the purees were light and dampened the strongish ricotta flavor to make the whole dish more subtle. I personally would’ve preferred something a bit tangy to counter the ricotta, rather just make it less ricotta-y.

For mains, the Akaroa king salmon was seasoned and cooked PERFECTLY (crispy skin but still deep pink and juicy on the inside and the whole thing flaked apart)… I love the taste and texture of salmon and the chef really brought out the best of the fish. The large amount of lemon potato that came with it looked like a sauce or soup, but had the texture of thick potato puree and tasted pretty creamy. I liked it, but it was heavy because of the cream and felt like a lot more than an equivalent amount of mashed potatoes (good if you’re hungry, but didn’t make the dish feel very balanced).

The Hawkes Bay lamb scotch fillet was cooked not quite consistently, as a few pieces were medium and some were medium-well. We prefer medium-rare. The stack of cooked veggies that came with it was juicy and flavorful, though.

For desserts, the crème brulee was PERFECT and using manuka honey instead of sugar meant it was less sweet, which we preferred. The jasmine infused pineapple with coconut three ways was really nice to eat slowly and enjoy all the different flavors and textures… I quite liked the chewy coconut biscuits, especially when soaked in the juice at the bottom.

Overall, really enjoyed our dining experience there. The waitress and chef were really nice to have a chat with on the quiet evening. The dishes were really well priced for the quality, even without a voucher. We’ll definitely head back at some point. I want to give them a 4.5, but will round up in this case.

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