I would go back

Yelp 4 stars

Touquet’s position did make me think that I could have been down a lane in France with little tables out on the cobbles.  Once inside you’re in a warm, well-organised space with the owner/Chef to greet us. My group sat at the rare at a high table on stools.

The list is short and seductive, with four courses offered on the night we visited: hors d’oeuvres, entrees, main courses and desserts.

The venison terrine was nice and chunky, well seasoned and served with plenty of bread.

I had the snapper with green veges and dashi white broth for my main and it was divine.  I loved how the little courgettes were cut into buttons.

The sticky dark chocolate tart was a little boring and the caramel overcooked to the point of almost being toffee.  But that was the only negative for the evening.

I would go back and the service was tentative and friendly.

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