Great food

TripAdvisor 3 stars

A lovely menu with, obviously, a French emphasis, beautifully executed. Desserts tended to be ‘deconstructed’ French classics, such as Tarte Tatin, Poire Belle Helene, but delicious all the same. Vegetarians have a rather limited choice, more so if lactose intolerant. However, classic French cuisine has never been about being vegetarian!

A good and pleasing beverage menu, with good cocktails and wine.

Whilst I admired the cuisine and ambience of the restaurant I fear that the demeanor of the waitstaff did detract from the experience.Although one could argue that a somewhat patronising and condescending attitude gives an authentic flavour to the Franco-European experience, the consensus of the table was that this was not a vital part of the dining experience.Somewhat old-school, I realise, but a fair number of our party felt tattooed forearms should be covered, when serving food.


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