Fantastic Food and Wine!

TripAdvisor 5 stars

My Husband & I had a most delightful and enjoyable meal here! He chose the Flank Steak and I had the special of the Chicken & Ratatouille! My mouth is watering as I think of it! My chicken was so tender and with so much flavour it was heaven! The Ratatouille on its own was scrumptious! I could of licked the dish cleaned! My husband loved his steak and he loved the sauce that came with it! We ordered Chateau Verdus Sav and then ordered another glass as it was so refreshing and lovely tasting in the mouth! I also had a Manuka Honey Creme brûlée and it was heaven!

The only downfall to our meal was an obnoxious english man with a cane and his suit pants pulled up over his large protruding belly to his armpits and put on a tantrum in the restaurant because we were sitting in a place he wanted. The cheek of the old fart! Well we never moved but he did get two other ladies to move so he could have a table inside for himself and friends. I would of kicked him out on his fat derrière for his rudeness and the old fart never even thanked the ladies for moving! The poor manager was flustered at his rudeness but soldiered on. My husband had to hold me back on giving him a mouthful.

But I shall return to Touquet without a blink of an eye! Most wonderful restaurant! However, Beware of old fat englishmen with a cane who look like Sydney Greenstreet from the Maltese Falcon, but without tack!

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